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wine-banner-lrgWelcome to Hemet and Temecula Valley’s Wine Tasting Blog….. more like, wine tasting and wineries on a Budget!  Won’t you agree that when you taste that one exceptional wine, hmmm, it’s like Fireworks at DisneyWorld! going off in your mouth!   Exciting and different each time!! Just when you can’t imagine the flavor getting any better, you explore the unknown when you mix wine with its complementary food. Ever try a deep Cab with a dark chocolate mousse, or Death By Chocolate? How about a sweet dessert wine with white chocolate raspberry cheesecake? Well, those fireworks just got better. And, if you want the recipes of my two most favorite desserts, then you need to email me.

Now, doesn’t that sound like something you would like to do!?  Make Money Wine Tasting…. well, actually, it’s make money demonstrating wine tasting parties.  Now, stop your whining!  (Just a play on words.)  Although you and I might be feeling the financial crunch, there are many households who are not, plus, even though someone might not have enough money to do what they did 6 years ago, they still like to drink quality wine.  That’s where we come in.  Instead of selling grandma’s Tupperware, we are selling wines and holding wine tasting events for people and businesses.  I call it, Tupperware with a KICK!  We market to everyone over the drinking age, including companies and corporate events who like to impress their clients and/or give wine away as gifts.    Click here for more information.


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Explore and enjoy!

I hope you find information here to help you plan your almost perfect wine tasting party, and will share my wine tasting and winery visit experiences.

Please keep coming back, and please check out our Partner Sites on the side….. it will help the cause, and it is very much appreciated. Please consider purchasing from our website, we will try to
keep the information interesting.  Thank you.

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