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How To Make Strawberry Wine Southern California Wines, Wineries

A simple video to show you how I make a one gallon batch of strawberry wine. Sorry for the crappy music. It’s royalty free. My recipe is: at least 3 lbs of f…


18 Responses to “How To Make Strawberry Wine”

  • Sir Strobie says:

    This video is like an idiot trap. The description clearly apologizes for
    the music but every other comment is about the crappy music. Some peoples

  • Me Me says:

    Would like to watch this vid but there is some kind of garbage noise
    constantly going on. I watched about 11 seconds.. fast forward and garbage
    still there. I gave it up.?

  • Technotrucker57 says:

    Not a bad vid….but you are right the music is shit, would of been better
    to have you talk us through the making of the wine.?

  • Medic Lenny says:

    5 pounds of sugar??

  • john merrylees says:

    how long roughly did this take from start date mate to bottling roughly !
    great we vid ? ?

  • Richard Green says:

    Just a friendly suggestion. Get rid of the stupid music and speak!!! I
    could not watch your video past the first 20 seconds. ?

  • Christian BrewBear says:

    Nice vid Bill, always great to hands on brewing happening in vids. That is
    a great looking wine. I’m glad the music was free, would hate to think you
    spent ten bucks on the album! HHB mate.?

  • cheshirehomebrew says:

    Great vid Bill and loved that comment about cleaning up .I’m with you on
    that and it is a fact that women can see mess that men cannot,
    Hhb pal and best wishes for the new year!?

  • Justin Elder says:

    Good video bill. Would this make a sweet strawberry wine or more dry? The
    wife likes sweet stuff. ?

  • Grant Baker says:

    That berry mix would have made a good jam too. Great vid Bill. Cheers?

  • Shawn Bateman says:

    After the heating, mashing of the strawberries and the filtering, could
    honey then be added in place of the sugar to make a Strawberry Melomel??

  • Oram Wines says:

    nice how to video bill. I may have to try this one. cheers?

  • dsr20631 says:

    thanks for another video Bill. Keep it up I say but your liver says “I
    can’t keep up man!”
    Question… how do you know how much of the ingredients to add? I’ve never
    brewed before but I’ve been watching a lot of your vids and getting
    inspired, just a little unsure. I’d be home brewing to save some money but
    knowing me I’d go broke trying to get something that resembles palatable

    Is there a way to measure the alcohol percentage once its finished??

  • inspirality says:

    Great video Bill, that tip at about 5.00 could be a life saver let alone a
    marriage saver. lol !
    Good idea to use frozen fruit. Even if you can grow your own, freezing
    helps them to break down easier. Cheers and 17 Mate.?

  • dsr20631 says:

    ok so I just watched your dandelion wine video which pretty much answered
    my question regarding the amount of ingredients however I now have a
    question about the dandelions…. I have dandelions growing around my yard
    too and I usually kill them with weed spray but now I know I can make wine
    out of them I might hold off on the weed eradication for a while. If I
    can’t harvest enough for a batch in one go is it possible to freeze the
    dandelions until I gather up enough for a brew?

    What does dandelion wine taste like anyway? Is it similar to anything else
    or is it a taste of it’s own? Sorry, soooo many questions.?

  • Brewed In The ManCave says:

    Looks Great Bill, :-) Im new to youtube but have been brewing up wines for
    a while now, always nice to see it kept simple.?

  • Newfound Brewing says:

    Good video Bill but that music at the end was freaking me out. Lol
    Man I wish I had a gas stove… Cheers man, that wine looks great.?

  • arev rana says:

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover
    how to make wine at home without yeast try *Awsomic Wine Maker* (do a
    google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my
    co-worker got excellent success with it.?

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